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At Worldwide Piano we can make your piano into a player piano. We have expert installers who can take that piano in the corner of your room that is rarely played and transform it into the centerpiece of the room and a hit at a party! Make that piano play itself! Choose from thousands of songs of all genres : Classical, Pop, Jazz, Rock and Roll, you name it they have it. Choose from either Qrs Pianomation II or Pianodisc Iq systems. The two most cutting edge systems on the market. Control them with your ipad, iphone or Android device.

Your Choice of Player Piano Systems.

We can install a player system on your piano!

Pianodisc IQ

IQ INTELLIGENT PLAYER SYSTEM PianoDisc’s revolutionary iQ allows you to control your piano with today’s latest music playback technology such as the iDevices, Android devices, MP3 players, and other music playback devices. And with PianoDisc’s elegant SilentDriveHD that plays your piano, the system will deliver a beautiful, fully expressive piano performance—even at whisper-soft levels.. Easy to Operate iQ makes operating a PianoDisc player system easier than ever before because you can operate it from something you are familiar with. Simply play, pause, stop or even adjust the volume, as you normally would, and the piano will respond. As a bonus, the fact that almost any music playback device will work with iQ means that you’ll always be able to use the latest music playback gear to control your piano. Think of it as built-in insurance on your investment. Smart and Invisible iQ gives you the flexibility to enjoy a truly invisible system, with no visible electronics mounted on the piano. (Not all configurations are “invisible”. Your choice of music player will affect whether it is seen or needs to be mounted on the piano.) Like home automation systems and portable music devices, iQ is a smart system that puts you ahead of the curve. Plays Your Favorite Music With iQ, you’ll enjoy piano performances created by the world’s finest pianists. With one of the largest music libraries in the world, titles in every category from classical to rock, and literally thousands of songs to choose from, PianoDisc is sure to have all your favorites. iQ can even play your piano via DVD players, so you can enjoy watching pianists play your piano live via a PianoVideo. These exciting DVDs deliver Standard or High Definition Blu-ray video and live piano performances. With PianoVideos you’ll enjoy original performances made by terrific jazz, pop and New Age players, classical virtuosos, wonderful instrumental groups and fantastic vocalists. With brilliant images on the screen and live piano performances, iQ and PianoVideos will give you a private concert in the comfort of your home. Entertains in Style Whether you entertain in grand style, or prefer smaller gatherings, the world’s smartest reproducing system will be the center of attention, entertaining your guests for hours. Dine to it, dance with it, or just enjoy the ambience it provides for any occasion. PianoDisc Remote App Adjust volume and balance of the piano and accompaniment wirelessly. “Apple, iPod and iTunes are trademarks or registered trademarks of Apple Inc. Al rights reserved. Apple is not a participant in or sponsor of this promotion.”

QRS Pianomation III

Pianomation III product video


Backward and forward compatibility - Your player system should compliment the life of your piano. Simply ask your piano to play a song with the compatible Amazon Echo Dot. QRS makes sure there is a path to insure your piano 's player technology is as relevant today as it was when you purchased it. (Upgrade Information) No Boxes - Aesthetics are a huge factor in the purchase decision of any piano. Old out of date technology hanging on your piano diminishes your pianos value. QRS has always offered a means of avoiding "The Box". Now we have taken it a step further, full wireless control of the system.

Integrated Record* - PNOscan integration gives you the possibility of networked lessons, performances and recordings. It provides position feedback of the keys movements, improving accuracy and performance.

Integrated Sounds* - Perform, Practice, and Playback with MIDI sounds built in. Simple to Use - Three ways to use your system: Traditional Remote Control, insert music and push play - no networks, no IPods, no passwords... WiFi enabled device - Interface is like a juke box in your hand, offers stealth updates, instant music purchases, and easy playlist creation. Legacy controllers you currently own - big libraries of existing CDs are still good, continue to use the controls you are comfortable with.

Music Now** - No internet is necessary, no iTunes is required. All music is available instantly when you want it, by the song, album, or collection. Easily customized playlists will deliver the perfect atmosphere.

Full Control - Peace of mind that the software tools to enhance the PNOmation 's performance are in your hand.

* requires the integration of record technology similar to PNOscan ** some copyright restrictions apply. Call 800-247-6557. Manuals: Upgrade/Install Manual Videos: PMII Setup on Android PMII Setup on IOS


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"Throughout the entire 3 ½-month process, Rick not only met, but exceeded my high expectations and standards, and all of this at a price that another dealer could not have approached, let alone beat. So, prospective customers of Worldwide Piano, come to this store, feel well here, put your hard-earned money down, ask as many questions as you wish, and, most and best of all, know that, if your experience is anything like mine, you have come to the right place." Lance NY,NY

"In Short, I am thoroughly enjoying the piano and am very grateful to you for making it possible for me to play again." - Mary S. NJ

"I recently took a Customer Service Training Course at my place of employment, and we all had to share an experience of exceptionally good and bad customer service. I used my experience with your store as my example of exceptionally good customer service." -Edward C. Pennsauken, NJ

"With Your help, we bought our first, and also our dream piano right at the spot at your store..." - Yongming w. and Linxia G. NJ

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